The Best High Noise Headsets for Factory Tours

Do you give factory tours? If so, you know how difficult it can be to both presents the information in an easy to understand fashion for your guests while also hear their questions and what is being said. After all, factories are noisy. There’s a considerable amount of noise going on throughout the facility. To help, you need to invest in high noise headsets, which are designed to block out background noise while still allowing you to hear questions fed into a microphone or instructions from a supervisor in another area of the building. Whatever you might use it for, Plant-Tours offers a number of high noise headsets, each of which provides a number of benefits you need to take advantage of.

Understanding NRR

Before selecting a high noise headset you need to understand NRR, which you’ll see used in any noise reducing headset, ear plugs, or other noise canceling device. NRR is short for Noise Reduction Rating.

All noise is measured in decibels, or dB. However, the NRR number is not the amount of dB you subtract from surrounding noise to determine how well the headphones protect your ears. Instead, there is a simple mathematical formula for determining how well the headphones work.

This formula is you take the NRR number listed on the headphones, subject 7, then divide by 2. For example, you have a set of headphones that have an NRR number of 33 (in the product specs it will be listed as 33 NRR). You will then plug the number into the mathematical formula. So you’ll take 33, subject 7 (26), and divide it by 2, which comes out to 13. This is the number you remove from the surrounding decibel level. So, if you have headphones of 33 NRR and are in an environment where the sound level is at 100 dB, you’ll remove 13 dB from the environment, giving you a total dB exposure of 87.

No matter the NRR number listed on the headphones, you will use this specific mathematical formula to identify the corresponding dB removal. It is a good idea to measure the dB level in your factor to determine the best high noise headsets for giving factory tours. Plant-Tours does sell a number of high noise headsets, so there is likely one that will check off all your noise canceling needs.

PT-200 High Noise Headphones

The PS-200 High Noise Headphones are designed with both an over the head and behind the head support feature. The low profile support makes it possible to wear these high noise headphones with a hard hat. This way, no matter what kind of factory you’re giving a tour of, if a hard hat is necessary you can wear the protective headgear on top of these headphones without any issue at all.

The headphones are lightweight so you won’t feel bogged down, all while giving you a sleek trim with rugged durability. The rear support on the headphones makes it possible to look up and down without the headphones falling off (which may also cause the hard hat to fall off as well).

This model of high noise headsets is factory rated at 14 NRR, so it does give your ears protection from higher noise levels while still making it possible to hear what is going on around you. When walking about a factory you will still need to hear what is going on, which makes the PT-200 an excellent investment.

PT-250 Max Noise Headphones

The PT-250 is the highest grade high noise headsets available for sale from Plant-Tours. These headphones offer you a 24 NRR for improved sound removal, while still being able to hear what is going on around you.

The headphones have an over the head and rear head guard, which makes it possible to comfortably wear a hard hat over the headphones. The headphones go completely over your ears so it is comfortable, no matter who is wearing the headphones.

The durable headphones weigh in at 12 ounces, so these are a bit larger than the other options available. But when you want the added NRR protection while maintaining a durable construction, you need to consider the PT-250 Max Noise Headphones.

PT-350 Moderate Noise Headphone

Perhaps your factory isn’t all that noisy, but you want some basic noise cancelation in the form of a comfortable pair of headphones. When this is the case, you need to consider the PT-350 Moderate Noise Headphones.

These headphones are not as bulky as the other offerings. In fact, there is no over the ear feature on the headphones. Instead, these are designed to be the standard size of your ears and wrap around the back of your neck. This way you maintain full movement without needing to worry about the headphones coming off.

The headphones can be worn with a hard hat as the headphones will curve below the hard hat. One of the main features of this set of headphones is the weight. It is just 2.2 ounces, so it will not weigh down your head. If you’re giving tours throughout the day you don’t want to have heavy headphones as this will tire out your neck.

In addition to these features, the PT-350 headphones are easy to clean. The earpads are wipeable, so whether you’re wiping the headphones down at the end of your shift or those taking part in the tour are wearing them, this is one viable option you should consider

Rental and Purchasing Options Available

There may be times when you do not need to purchase all of your audio equipment but instead, only need to rent out the hardware. At Plant-Tours you have both options. If you plan on providing tours for the foreseeable future it is best to purchase. However, if you’re giving tours of a plant you’re attempting to sell, or of a limited run product, you may only want to rent out the equipment. Plant-Tours offers turn-key packages for groups ranging from 5 to 1500. So if you have rental needs, now is the time to check out what Plant-Tours has available.

There is a High Noise Headset Perfect For Your Factory Tour

These are just a handful of the best high noise headsets available. With the ability to wear these headsets both in hard hat settings and as-is, these headsets will help make life easier for you while you’re giving your tour. So, if you’re ready to take your factory tours to the next level while remaining comfortable, now is the time to invest in high noise headsets from Plant-Tours.


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