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  • 11 Ideas for Successfully Giving a Good School Tour

    According to the National Center for Education Statistics, as of 2022 there are 2,500 junior high schools, 13,477 middle schools, 23,900 secondary schools, and 98,755 public schools in the U.S. Plus some 5,000+ colleges and universities. That’s a lot…
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  • How To Choose Communication Headsets for Events

    When choosing communication headsets for an event these days, you have plenty of options. But you also have several factors to consider, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right communication headsets for events below.…
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  • 10 Best Factory Tours In the USA

    As of 2022, 18% of all the world’s manufacturing is done right here in the U.S., making the country the second-largest maker of all goods worldwide after China. Moreover, according to IBISWorld, the number of factories and manufacturing businesses…
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  • What Are Noise Reduction Ratings?

    What are noise reduction ratings? Loud noises are damaging to our ears, and they can lead to permanent hearing loss in some cases. Whenever you hear a noise, the sound is converted into waves. Your brain interprets these signals…
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  • How to Choose a Tour Guide Transceiver and Receiver

    Tour guide systems are commonplace in countless environments these days. And whether you’re giving an audio tour in a museum, conducting corporate or plant tours for your workers and colleagues, doing real-time language interpretation, providing hearing aid and assistive…
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