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What Is a Wireless Tour Guide System?

A wireless tour guide system is a portable one-way or two-way headset communication system that provides crystal clear audio between presenters and tour groups. The need for audio transmission usually results from the challenge of communicating in an area with high ceilings, distance and background noise. A basic tour guide system consists of a headset/earpiece, transmitter, and a receiver/transceiver. A microphone system is either integrated into the tour guide headsets or a handheld wireless microphone is used by the speaker and when spoken into, transmits audio to the listener’s earphones. Plant-Tours.com one-way communication systems run on a 72-76 MHZ frequency range and the two-way communication systems contain 15 channels and utilize 462 MHZ, UHF PLL. In addition, Plant-Tours.com provides a wheeled charging case designed for ease of use since it helps organize and transport the audio guide system. The transceivers come with rechargeable batteries using the highest quality lithium battery in the two-way system for optimum safety and performance.

How Do You Use a Tour Guide System?

A guide is outfitted with headphones and a wireless transmitter. The headphones are attached to the transmitter by a small connector cord. The participating audience is outfitted with headsets and wireless receivers with the same setup. The tour guide speaks into a microphone and the audio is transmitted to the audience through the headphones connected to the receiver. The receivers and transmitters are set on the same channel so that the communication can come through clearly for each group. Using a hard wired connection from the headset to the receiver prevents distortion and other interference that is common in a manufacturing setting due to obstacles and noise. Alternatively, if participants use wifi bluetooth enabled tour guide systems, commonly sold by companies like Retekess or TGS there will be loss of sound quality and connection to the audio. This is also an issue with smartphone apps that require participants to use their own earbuds.

When Do We Use a Wireless Tour Guide System?

A wireless tour guide system can be used for many different applications.

A tour headset system is perfect for factory tours. Many manufacturing companies will conduct tours on the factory floor to show customers, executives, new-hires and investors how processes, equipment and front line employees work during day to day operations. In this environment, noise levels are high creating a challenging environment to communicate in which creates other safety issues as a result. Inability to communicate safety concerns and damage to hearing from loud noise needs to be addressed. Headset systems designed specifically for the manufacturing industry are durable and designed to reduce noise to protect hearing but also allow for background noise to be heard at a lower level in order to hear alarms, vehicles such as forklifts, and shouting in case of emergency. These systems allow for crystal clear audio from a presenter as well as reduced noise from the manufacturing environment to provide the safest and most effective communication situation possible.

Tour headsets are also frequently used for tourism events. For example a tour guide will provide information on popular locations and sites, such as galleries and cathedrals, to an audience. When taking a guided tour through a museum, a guide can give details about the exhibits to the audience using a hands-free microphone while the group can hear the information without being distracted by other people in the general area or announcements over a PA system. The group can also distance from each other and the guide while still hearing every word clearly which is important in social distancing situations.

For participants of a tour that suffer from preexisting hearing conditions a resource that provides assistive listening will help. Listening devices are available that allow users to listen directly to the tour guide and allow them to control their own volume settings. A listening system can be added for one user or multiple users that are hearing impaired, allowing them to participate more fully during an event.

During conferences, tour guide systems can be used for groups walking around exhibitor booths or during breakouts on the exhibit hall floor. These noisy areas are filled with people talking and LCD tvs promoting company messaging in the booth areas. The headset systems’ portability, ease of use and outstanding battery life make them a perfect choice for this setting. The equipment is also easy to wear along with a conference lanyard and neckloops.

Tour group headset systems are also ideal for college & university tours. Prospective student tours, fundraising events, new building opening/groundbreaking ceremonies are all potential uses for a headset system. Groups will be able to hear perfect audio sound quality while being able to spread out over distance and from other background noises that may distract them from what is being communicated by the presenter. A sound system with an amplifier may be appropriate for a fixed position during an event but since it is not portable it would not make sense to use during a walking tour which these events require.

A headset communication system can be utilized for simultaneous interpretation due to its ease of use, multi channel capabilities and excellent power supply. When members of the tour group need language interpretation, a translator can be set up as a presenter on a different channel from the rest of the group. This allows the translator to speak into a microphone and transmit a simultaneous translation to individuals who are on the same channel. Easy set up and many hours of power without using a charger make this an excellent interpretation system for tours.

Tour guide headsets allow for crystal clear audio transmission in areas where communication is a challenge. In these settings, noise from machinery and other people along with distance in large spaces makes speaking or shouting impossible to get your message across. Plant-Tours.com provides the industry standard for ease of use, durability and performance when it comes to tour guide systems. Get your Free Demo Kit here to test in your environment today!

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