Best Tour Headsets for Groups

Businesses organize factory tours for many reasons. It’s a great way to show customers, investors and internal stakeholders how products are manufactured and how processes work. Corporate headquarter presentations on lcd screens only go so far. Plant visits are where executive teams can get an understanding of a site’s potential, review capital improvement requests, identify production status and boost the morale of frontline employees. Visits to a supplier can help with an understanding of their qualifications, benchmark processes and share best practices. Employees from other factory locations in the same company can gain an understanding of another’s processes and apply what they learn to their own facility. There is a lot of knowledge to be gained from tours but clear objectives must be set. Almost all factory tours fall into 3 categories: learning, assessment and teaching tours. Learning tours for company leaders and investors, assessment tours for customers and teaching tours for employees and student groups. Once the tour group and objectives are set, the logistics need to be finalized. Almost all factory floors and warehouses have three major obstacles to communication during a tour: large spaces between participants, high ceilings and background noise. The value of a tour depends on knowledge transfer which is dependent on communication. To overcome these obstacles tour headsets must be used to provide crystal clear audio for all tour group members.

Why do you need tour headsets for groups?

When groups visit a factory, communication is vital to learn, assess and teach important information. Noisy areas, high ceilings and large spaces have always made this a challenge. These factors are now exacerbated due to social distancing guidelines that must be followed. A tour guide system which consists of earphones, microphone (either built into the headset or stand-alone), transmitter and receiver (or transceiver) powered by a rechargeable battery is a simple way to provide high-quality audio solutions for your attendees.


How to choose the best tour headsets for groups?

When it comes to selecting the best audio tour headsets for your tour group there are 4 important questions to ask:

  1. What is the noise level in the factory areas that the tour will take place? 

Even if you do not know the exact decibel level, by answering the question with a low, medium or high diagnosis will help in the guide headsets selection process.

  1. What is the decibel level in your factory? 

If you do happen to know the decibel level, this will provide more detailed information that will help select the right audio guide system very easily. Generally speaking, decibel levels up to 60 dB will be low-noise or single side earpiece headphones. Decibel levels between 60 dB and 90 dB will be moderate-noise headphones. Decibel levels 90 dB+ you will be selecting high-noise headsets.

  1. Do you have a hard hat requirement? 

All of tour guide systems are compatible with hard hats except the MT-370 and PT-370. Those models are compatible with bumper caps. In addition to hard hats, the headset systems are compatible with all personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses, masks and lanyards. The headsets also provide hearing protection therefore taking the place of ear plugs.

  1. How much control and interaction would you like to have during your tour? 

This question helps you choose between one-way and two-way communication systems. If you would like the presenter to have more control and less interactivity with the group then a one-way headset system would be ideal. If you would like collaboration and the ability for all members to contribute during the tour then a two-way headset system would be the better choice.

Types of headsets

Now that you know the background noise level and control/interactivity level you would like to have, you can choose your headset system easily. Below are the different audio systems that offers. Each will provide you with the best audio sound quality for your specific application in the industry.

Low Noise Headsets

The PT-165 is a one-way, low noise ear speaker that provides clear sound with great comfort, since the weight is only 0.9 oz. It is used in areas with light sound but still requires assistive listening. It is also excellent for language interpretation tours due to its ease of use for translation set up.

The MT-425 in-line mic ear speaker and the MT-500 ear speaker with adjustable compact boom microphone are the 2 two-way communication systems that are appropriate for low noise areas. Both are lightweight and comfortable. The MT-425 features a push-to-talk in-line speaker for use when the participant would like to speak. When the button is pressed the microphone will be enabled allowing speaking with the ability of the user to have hands-free capability. This feature is superior to a bluetooth solution or a wireless communication system on the factory floor since it will not have interference due to physical obstacles and noise obstructions that could prevent wireless radio waves from transmitting between audio systems.

Moderate Noise Headsets

The PT-350 and PT-370 are the one-way moderate noise headphones offers.  The PT-350 features a behind the head style headband that is designed with on-the-ear full coverage that shapes to your ear contouring. The PT-370 features full around the ear coverage for moderate high-noise areas.

The MT-350 and MT-370 are two-way moderate headset systems. The MT-350 has the same headset styling as the PT-350 but has a finger push-to-talk option for the guide/leader. The MT-370 is similar in style to the PT-370 but also has the push-to-talk feature to promote interactivity.

High Noise Headsets

The PT-200 Headset is a one-way system designed for high noise environments. Built for decibels 90+ it is a 14 NRR headphone. The PT-250 is a max noise headset perfect for environments with 110+ dB. It is 24 NRR, comfortable and durable for the toughest environments.

The MT-200 headset and MT-250 headset are the two-way communication systems designed for high noise areas. Like the PT-200 the MT-200 is 14 NRR built for environments with 90+ dB. The MT-200 includes the push-to-talk feature for interactivity. The push-to-talk feature is especially important for very high noise areas. With a wired connection the audio will be stable unlike a wireless tour guide system where static and interference is more common. The MT-250 is 24 NRR, 110+ dB environment communication system designed for collaboration in difficult to communicate areas due to max noise.

All headset systems come in a travel charging case allowing for easy transportation with a built in charger system. This ensures long lasting battery life for your headset system on the day of your event. is the only supplier in the industry that offers patented proprietary headsets built specifically and expressly for manufacturing facilities. With communications systems built for every noise level you are sure to find an audio system that works perfectly for your tour or training event! Contact us now for a free demo to get started.


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