Plant Tour Premier vs Digiwave Tour Guide System

If your industrial facility conducts tours or training events then a robust tour communications system is crucial. Such a system must be durable, professional quality, and easy to use. It makes your tour guides, trainers, and presenters look good since the right system is intuitive to use so they can focus on the presentation, not their communications equipment.

We hope this Plant Tour premier vs. Digiwave review makes it easier to find the right system for your needs.

Plant Tour Premier vs Digiwave Review

Sound Quality

We will start this Digiwave review with a comparison of the sound quality.

The Plant Tour Premiere has excellent sound quality. Customers appreciate the crisp audio and many find it helps project their most confident and professional image.

The Digiwave sound quality is just fair. For most tour systems, maintaining sound quality in industrial settings is a challenge.

Durability and Build

The Plant Tour Premier is robust and sturdy since we designed it for industrial applications. The hard shell casing protects the radio machinery and it even includes an extra layer on the casing to protect it from scratches. The specially engineered plastic looks new for years.

In comparison, the Digiwave seems fragile and thin. It is a small product that is easy to drop. Clearly, it wasn’t designed for industrial tours as it lacks the appropriate ergonomically-friendly features.

Headphone Choices

The Digiwave system offers three low-quality headphone options. These appear to be one-size-fits-all sets purchased from a third-party dealer. Since manufacturing is not their main priority the options are not ideal for high-noise environments.

Plant Tour invented, patented, and manufactured its own headsets and currently offer six different options. All were designed for manufacturing and industrial training and tours.

Plant Tours invented an exclusive tour leader’s headset. These are special headsets that the guide or leader wears while speaking to the group.

The all-in-one solution includes a microphone and that plugs into the transmitter. This allows the guide to hear himself or herself speak so they can speak calmly without shouting in a high noise environment.

With Digiwave, there isn’t a tour leader headset. If a guide wishes to hear himself or herself speak, then they must wear both the transmitter headset and also a receiver and headphone. That means the tour guide must deal with the bulk and inconvenience of using two devices at the same time. This tends to be frustrating and distracting which isn’t great if the guests are potential investors, executives, or the CEO.

Noise Level Reduction Capacity

Plant Tour’s system covers five noise levels which make it ideal even in noisy factories. If you offer training or tours in a higher noise facility, then you will prefer Plant Tour’s noise level reduction capacity.

The Digiwave Tour System covers two noise levels which are nice but not powerful enough for use in a noisy environment.

Microphone Choices

Plan Tour microphones contribute to sound quality. Microphone options include hands-free, handheld, or a combination of both.

Using a handheld microphone is a game-changer for some presenters. It makes it easy to include interactive elements like Q and A sessions, quizzes, games, or surprise guests in your training session, tour, or presentation. You can also station different presenters at different tour stops and each presenter can just grab the microphone and talk.

The Digiwave system is the typical headset only microphone.

User Friendly

One thing that Plan Tour prides itself on is how easy it is for tour guides to use the system without any prior training. They just turn it on and use it. An intuitive system is a confidence booster and it allows the presenter to focus on sharing a good experience with the guests.

There shouldn’t be a learning curve when it comes to a tour system, the best system would be simple to use and efficient. Think about how embarrassing it would be if the presenter was struggling to get a microphone to work in front of VIPs and executives.

The Digiwave system is complicated to learn. The tour guide would need to spend about a half an hour learning how it works and what not to do.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The Digiwave system uses foam earpieces which are just no good these days with the current hygiene standards. The foam also wears down and needs replacing.
Plant Tour uses a vinyl earpad that is easy to clean especially if you use the disposable wipes that come with the Sanitation Station that we include with every system.

The Plant Tour system is easy to maintain as well.

Other Technical Features and Specifications

Here is a side-by-side comparison of some of the other specifications:

  • The number of channels: PlantTour radios have 17 channels, while Digiwave has 15 oneway and four two-way channels. With a Plant Tour radio, a facility may offer up to 17 different tours in one general area at the same time.
  • Battery run time: Plant Tour devices run for 15 hours while Digiwave battery run time lasts 14 hours.
  • Comfort and Ease: Plant Tour is easy to wear on a safe and sturdy belt clip. Digiwave uses unhygienic foam for the earpieces.
  • Warranty: Plant Tours has a five-year warranty while Digiwave has a two-year warranty.
  • Charging Options: Depending on your needs, Plant Tours offers three sizes of charging cases with the capacity to charge 12, 20, or 30 units. The Digiwave charging options are awkward since each device has its own individual plug-in charger. This works well if you only have a couple of radios, but gets unwieldy if you run tours with medium or large-sized groups.

For a side-by-side comparison, you can download our “Compare One-Way Systems: Plant Tours Premier to Digiwave Review” guide below:

download our guide

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an industrial-strength option then Plant-Tours Premier is a clear choice. Not only was it designed for this purpose, but it is also easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to recharge. The headphones are attractive and comfortable to help ensure that guests, including VIPs, have a good experience. Contact us today to learn how the Plant Tour Premier system might take your tours and training sessions to the next level.


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